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The garbage, recycling and greencans are collected in eight zones, each with a different collection day of the week and for garbage, alternating weeks. For the day and week of your collection, Please download our 2014 Residential Waste Collection Guide

Note: if your garbage pickup day falls on a holiday, then pickup will be the following day. For example: if your garbage day is a Friday holiday, pickup will be on Saturday

Waste Collection trucks will collect each group of materials separately between the hours of 7:30 AM and 7:00 pm. The garbage limit is two 80 litre cans, or two bags (66cm x 91cm).

City residents receiving municipal curbside garbage collection may have four (4) large items, such as furniture and appliances picked up BY APPOINTMENT at any time throughout the year. To schedule your pickup appointment, please call Emterra at: 604-599-8651 or e-mail your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extra Garbage Bag Stickers are available at City Hall, Douglas Recreation Centre (20550 Douglas Cr) and Timms Community Centre (20702 Eastleigh Cr).

For further information contact Emterra Environmental (604) 599-8651 or City of Langley at (604) 514-2800

zero waste challenge

As of January 1, 2008, all of the following items are banned from the garbage in all Metro Vancouver municipalities, including the City of Langley:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Newsprint
  • Office paper
  • Gypsum drywall
  • Yard and garden waste
  • Beverage containers (all except milk)
  • Blue box recyclables
  • Lead-acid (car) batteries
  • Medications/pharmaceuticals
  • Paint, solvents, flammable liquids, gasoline and pesticides
  • Vehicle tires
  • Oil, oil filters and empty containers
  • Electronic waste including personal computers, printers, and TVs

Contact the Recycling Council of BC (RCBC) at 604-REC-YCLE (604.732.9253) or visit

Garbage is inspected for high percentages of banned and recyclable materials. Loads that arrive at the disposal sites containing more than 5% (by volume) of banned materials are assessed a 50% surcharge (an additional $32.50 per tonne) on the whole load. These charges will be passed back to your business or municipality.

For more information on this and other waste reduction initiatives, visit or call the Metro Vancouver Information Centre at 604-432-6200.



A Greener BC: The New MMBC Program Coming This May!

Starting May 19, 2014, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents will be responsible for collecting and managing these materials so they can be recycled. Multi-Material BC (MMBC), a non-profit organization working on behalf of these businesses, will be responsible for residential recycling programs in many areas across BC, either directly or by working with local governments, First Nations, private companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Through MMBC’s packaging and printed paper recycling program, City of Langley residents will be able to recycle types of packaging that are not commonly included in current curbside, multi-family and depot collection programs, including milk cartons, foam containers and packaging, plant pots, aluminum foil packaging, certain types of plastic film packaging and drink cups. Most importantly, the new program will help to further reduce garbage tonnage and protect our environment!

In the coming weeks, the City of Langley will be providing detailed information on any expected changes to our residents’ current collection program and schedule. In the meantime, for more information please visit or call the City of Langley Engineering Department at 604-514-2997.

Click here to download the MMBC Packaging and Printed Paper Recycling Program Consolidated List of Accepted Materials

Small Electrical Appliance Recycling

"Unplugged", the Small Appliance Recycling Program, gives British Columbians a new recycling option. As of October 1, 2011, there will be over 100 locations across BC where you can drop off old and broken small appliances. For more information, see their website

Green Can Program for Kitchen Organics, Green Waste and Yard Trimmings


Maximum 77-80 litre


Mimimum 50 litre

Example of a Greencan:

The green-coloured can to the immediate left is much smaller (27 inches by 12 by 12), has solid integrated handles and has an attached lid that swings fully out of the way. In addition it locks so that critters cant get in.

It is acceptable for lids to be attached on this model.

The City provides weekly collection of green waste year round. Acceptable materials are kitchen organics such as bones, meat, grease etc., leaves, grass, clippings, and branches. Place by curbside on collection day:

  • in designated refuse containers (minimum 50 litres / maximum 77 litres) marked with "Greencan" (decals are available at City Hall)
  • in securely tied bundles (branches) maximum 1m x 60cm, 34kg
  • in double-ply water resistant, compostable kraft yard bags specifically designed for green waste collection available at retail stores.
  • Clear plastic bags are not acceptable.

For further information Please download our 2014 Residential Waste Collection Guide

Also available for download:

Large Item Pick-Up

Fridges and Freezers


Working fridges please see: BC Hydro Fridge Buy Back Program

For non-working Fridges and Freezers; Single Family residents can call Emterra Environmental (604) 599-8651 or e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for one of their ‘4 large item pickups’ per year. Multi Family Residents can dispose of these items at any Transfer Station in GVRD (Langley Transfer Station is located at 1070 - 272 Street, (604) 856-3225. free of charge. However, the resident will need to take the item or pay a private hauler to take the item to the transfer station. 

Mattress Recycling


Mattresses, box springs, and futons will no longer be accepted for collection as part of the City of Langley’s Large Item Pickup Program.

Residents will have the following options to dispose of their unwanted mattresses:

  1. Take it to one of the local transfer stations – Surrey (9770 – 192 Street or Langley (1070 – 272 Street) and pay a fee per unit.
  2. If purchasing a new mattress arrange with the retailer to remove the old mattress at the time the new one is delivered.
  3. Take it, or have it taken to a local mattress recycling facility and pay a fee per unit:

Recyc-Mattress Inc.
Unit 212 - 27353 - 58 Crescent, Langley BC
Phone: 604.856.8383
Fax:  604.856.8585

Canadian Matress Recycling Brochure

Recycling and Garbage Contacts / Links:

Metro Vancouver Recycles residential recycling web site

For specific and unusual recycling item questions, please contact the RCBC HOT LINE AT 604-732-9253.

RCBC are experts in recycling for the entire GVRD region, and they know in detail the various recycling options that are available in the different GVRD municipalities.

Dump / Landfill:1070 272 Street, Phone (604) 856-3225

Compost Information (604) 736-2250

Recycling of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Curtis Lumber at 22454 48th Avenue, Langley

Recycling of Fluorescent Tubes and common household batteries (AAA, AA, C, D and the smaller “watch” style) at Edmonds Recycling, #101 -20131 Industrial Ave.

Metro Vancouver Disposal Facilities

British Columbia Industrial Materials Exchange

Product Care - Paint, Pesticides, Flamable Liquids

Recycling Council of BC Website

The City Farmer Website

Garden Web