Dog Licenses

Notice to Dog Owners

Dog Licenses are payable January 31. Dog license renewal forms are mailed in December to owners of dogs on record and fees may be paid up on or before February 2, at lower rates. Dog license renewals can be paid for online

No person shall own, keep, harbour or have in his possession any more than two (2) dogs per residential unit.

Failure to obtain a dog licence is a contravention of City of Langley Animal Control Bylaw, 2006, No. 2622 and is subject to penalties as described in the bylaw.

Please be advised that all dogs over the age of six (6) months are required to be licenced.

Dog Licence Costs

on or before
Feb. 2
on or
Feb. 2

Male or Female

$84.00 $64.00 $84.00 $32.00

Neutered or Spayed

$42.00 $32.00 $42.00 $16.00
Dangerous Dog $420.00 $420.00 $420.00 $420.00
Aggressive Dog $210.00 $210.00 $210.00 $210.00

Working Dog used to assist the disabled

$10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00

Proof of spaying or neutering may be required.

Replacement licences are $10.00 each.

Payments may be made through the mail by cheque or in person, by cheque, cash or Interac at:

Finance Department, City Hall
20399 Douglas Crescent
Langley, BC
Telephone: (604) 514-2800

Dog licence renewals may be done on line using our Easy-Pay system

If you no longer have a dog, please notify City Hall at (604) 514-2800. All mail must be postmarked or received on January 31 to be processed at the lower rate.

Langley Pound Services

Langley Animal Protection Society is located at 26220 56 Avenue, Langley, B.C., V4W 1J7. Their phone number is 604-857-5055 and their Fax is 604-857-5057.

Adoptions are conducted on their site and the public is welcome during certain hours.

Requests for cruelty investigations can be made by contacting the SPCA at 604-574-1711.

All other requests for non-emergency service such as barking dogs or unlicenced dogs, etc. can be made by calling the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 604-514-2819