The City of Langley is a great place to live, work and do business. Our central location, population density, skilled workforce and low business and living costs have made the City of Langley a hub of "earning" activity.

Our mission at the City of Langley is to help our existing businesses flourish and to invite new businesses to join our thriving community.

With a goal to eliminate the red tape, we are committed to providing "one-stop shopping." Whether you are a current or prospective Langley business operator, we will meet with you to learn more about your business, explore your wants and needs, and identify areas where we can help you grow. Our support might include:

  • Business Set-up and Development: We can coordinate communications with city hall officials, provincial and federal agencies, and local service providers to get you set-up.
  • Real Estate: We can help you identify hot opportunities for development and redevelopment, and connect you with area real estate specialists.
  • Government Support Programs: We can help you find government funding and/or support programs to aid in your human resources, training or marketing efforts.
  • Financing: We can support your financing efforts through connecting you with the right financial partners and support programs.

Whatever your needs, the City of Langley is committed to helping you get your business rolling.

Location & Population

The City of Langley is located in the centre of the Lower Mainland Economic Region, from Vancouver to Hope. This area is made up of two districts: Metro Vancouver(population: 2 million) and the Fraser Valley Regional District (population: 200,000). Langley (City population: 25,000; Township population: 95,000) is situated in the eastern edge of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and enjoys a trading population of roughly 500,000 (within a 30 minute commute).

Located on the southern shores of the Fraser River and bordering the USA, Langley is within 50 kilometres (30 miles) of Vancouver, the Port of Metro Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport , and is centrally located within 24 kilometres (15 miles) of the Pacific Ocean (in the West) and Abbotsford International Airport  (in the East).

With a central location, substantial trading population and low business costs, Langley is attracting immense business growth.

Regional Map

regional map 


As a centre for retail, commercial, and industrial activity, the City of Langley has become a workplace destination for residents all around the Fraser Valley. Although the City of Langley is only 10 square kilometers, we enjoy access to a talented, skilled and educated labour force of 326,000 people within a 30-minute commute.

City of Langley Sectors (By Labour Market)


Low Business And Living Costs

According to a study by KPMG that compared business costs in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Western Canada [and the City of Langley] provides a significant cost advantage. Comparing the costs of labour, transportation, utilities, taxes and more, they found that Canada was about 8% to 9% lower than the United States. Within Canada, they found that the western provinces had a cost advantage in some industries of up to 32% over the USA. And of the 10 centres in the US-Canada Pacific region, Vancouver had the second lowest business costs in all 17 industries surveyed. In the area of research and development in particular, business costs in Vancouver average 16.2% less than in the USA.

Office space, land, and housing costs in the City of Langley are even lower. Located on the eastern border of the Greater Vancouver Area, Langley enjoys housing costs that are 57% lower than Vancouver and retail leasing costs of about 10 times less than Downtown Vancouver!

Langley Business Space Costs

  • Retail Space (lease): $15 to $26 per square foot
  • Office space (lease): $12 - $22 per square foot
  • Industrial Land (purchase): $950,000 per acre

Source: NAI Commercial, 2010

Median Langley Housing Prices

  • Single Detached Family Home: $550,000
  • Townhouse: $317,000
  • Apartment: $216,000

Source: Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, June 2011